Viper NT

Viper NT


The Viper NT Fogger delivers everything from a light mist to a dense fog.  The machine also has four control modes to make it easy to operate in different situations.

Manual Mode lets you control the fogger directly from the machine when it can be positioned in easy reach.  Simply set the output level and press enter to start producing fog.  Press enter a second time to turn it off.

Timer Mode lets you set timing parameters to control fog output.  You can create a series of fog production and pause times—and the fogger will automatically run your program.

You can also control the Viper Fogger from a DMX board.  This option is great for concerts, stage performances and touring events.

There's even an optional wireless remote or remote box that let you control the fogger from a distance.  You can set up the fogger nearly anywhere and control it from off-stage/off-camera.  The wireless option is great when you need to hide the machine on-set!

Uses Slow Fog Fluid, Quick Dissipating Fog Fluid, and Regular Fog Fluid, purchased separately.

The nozzle for the fluid is packed away in a compartment in the lid of the road case.

Recommended Transport: Standard truck/car.

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Rental Rate:

$150 Daily

$450 Weekly

$1,350 Monthly