In order to open an account cleared for renting special effects equipment, we need a few documents completed and sent to


Please fill out the billing info sheet with as much information as possible, to ease the process of sending invoices, sales orders, quotes, etc. A Credit One Sheet from your production company is acceptable as well.

Please make checks Payable to J.E.M. FX Inc.

Mail checks to:

J.E.M. FX Inc.

28255 Kelly Johnson PKWY

Valencia, CA 91355

This page will show you the required insurance documents, please look it over carefully. We require a Certificate of insurance as well as an Additional Insured Endorsement. Examples are provided in the PDF.

The rental terms and conditions form is required for all rentals. Please put the Company Name in the first field for Lessee. Then please have an authorized representative of the company sign for the Lessee, usually the Producer or UPM on the Show.

Carefully read our Terms & Conditions Notice.

Transportation requirements are NON-NEGOTIABLE. Please give all drivers the necessary information to better prepare for rental pick ups.