Lawn Fogger

Lawn Fogger


The Lawn Fogger is the most mobile Thermo Fogger available—it's built on an easy to move pushcart—so you don't have to lift and carry any heavy equipment. And, it can create up to 42,000 cubic feet of fog a minute from either oil or water based fog fluid.

It has a two-stage heating system that creates a fine billowy fog.  It's great for either indoor or outdoor use.  What's more, it's adjustable output and fog hang time make it ideal for generating great special effects.

We send our lawn foggers out with a full tank of gas and motor oil. Fees will occur for lawn foggers returned on an empty tank of gas. Please check with local authorities and fire departments to make sure you can use these machines at your location.

Recommended Transport: Standard truck, stake bed, or box truck.

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Rental Rate:

$110 Daily

$330 Weekly

$990 Monthly