100 MPH Wind Machine

100 MPH Wind Machine


Fan Dimensions: (L)124" x (W)90" x (H)105"

Weight: 7500lbs

Tilt axis: +/-25deg

Pan axis: 0-360deg

Current: 150amps

Voltage: 480vac 3 phase 4 wire

Generator required: If the fan is to be run off a generator, we recommend a 100kw GHP(green power type) per fan. This type of generator provides cleaner power to the fan avoiding nuisance trips on the GFI system.

Power Supply: Inverter drive type, required to run fan. Speed can be preset, fan will ramp up to preset speed. Provides variable speed control, tilt and pan functions.

Full GFI protection for the operator.

Connections to the unit are industry standard "Camloc" type. A 100' 4 wire extension cable to connect the power supply to fan, mounted on a mobile reel, is available on request. Standard distance is 25'.

Fan can be up to 100' from power supply. Tilt, pan and speed controls can be operated either from the power supply or from a remote pendant up to an additional 100' from the power supply.

Hydraulic braking system.

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