Look Solutions Tiny Compact Fogger

Look Solutions Tiny Compact Fogger

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$130 Daily

$390 Weekly

$1,170 Monthly

The Look Tiny Compact fog machine is a handy, compact, battery-driven fog generator.  Its warm up time is less than a second, it's lightweight (1.5 lbs) and its small dimensions (9.5" X 2.0" x 2.125") make this machine particularly useful in the entertainment industry.  It has an intelligent control with an automated sleep-mode that minimizes battery power consumption and increases operation time.

The Tiny Compact can be started immediately and run continuously without any warm up time.  The internal battery lets you produce 10-15 minutes of continuous output or 150 five-second bursts.  Using the special Look Fog Fluid ensures the production of dense fog while minimizing fluid consumption.

The machine can even be triggered with an optional wireless radio remote control.

Fog fluid not included, please contact Roger George for all your expendable needs.